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Savings Portfolio

Managing a portfolio requires a significant amount of time and investment expertise. As a result, many investors prefer to work with our affiliated Money Managers to help them achieve their retirement and savings goals.

Rigorous Review Process:

Affiliated Money Managers undergo a thorough initial review by our Money Manager due diligence group that typically includes an analysis of their investment philosophy, areas of specialty, professional background and other factors.

In addition, the Money Manager’s investment strategies are reviewed. Our ongoing oversight includes reviewing portfolio managers periodically on both qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Personalized Approach:

Your portfolio manager will assess your individual needs and time horizon, as well as your tolerance for risk. This review usually begins with an evaluation of your current financial situation and special family- or business-related considerations.

Your portfolio manager may also consult with other advisors you may have, such as accountants, attorneys or business managers, to integrate your investment plan with your entire wealth management plan.

Our Savings Portfolios

We have a variety of portfolios with different levels of risks and return. To learn more about our portfolios, please click the link below.

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