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We all have goals in life. Hard work and determination are critical to making your goals a reality. But what do you do when your hard work and determination aren’t getting you there fast enough? That’s where Payton Financial steps in to help.

Our team of award-winning Affiliated Money Managers is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals. No matter what your financials goals are, Payton Financial is ready to deliver results for you.

Payton Financial currently has over $27 billion (as of December 2015) in assets under management and that amount continues to grow worldwide with the help of our experienced money managers.

We take great care and pride in carefully screening potential Money Managers. Our network of affiliated Money Managers is comprised of only those individuals that have proven track records to ensure that your money is being managed by experts in the field.

Our core principle is the foundation of our business as we investigate, test, and implement strategies that generate solid returns with little or no risk.

Payton Financial’s network of award winning Money Managers is standing by to put your money to work.

When a new money manager applies to work with Payton Financial, we pour over the candidate’s investment history. We look at patterns, strategies, and ups and down to understand the candidate’s potential. With over 100 different analytic points, we get an accurate representation of a candidate’s skills.

In the end, you get an investment account that’s managed by a world-class money manager .

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Accounts and Portfolios


Safeguard is the cornerstone of a sound investment with Payton Financial. Through our years of dedicated market research, we’ve created a myriad of strategies that will ensure your funds are secure.

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Managed Accounts

Our Payton Financial managed accounts give you the flexibility of choosing from a variety of investment strategies that take on as much or as little risk as you like.

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Dynamic Portfolios

Dynamic Portfolios give investors a way to ensure that your funds are consistently spread across the financial products that you care about the most.

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