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At Payton Financial , you benefit from both the unrivaled international reach of our corporation and the individualized service of a boutique financial institution.

Our Certified Investment Planner will create solutions that address your specific needs, whether you seek a comprehensive retirement plan, professional portfolio management, or a broader range of wealth management services.

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Our Certified Investment Planners are among the most exclusive and well prepared in the world. Our CIPs actively participate in ongoing training and development to stay up-to-date on all developing market conditions and trends.

With the help of our leading market researchers, they also combine leading edge financial data with years of experience to create comprehensive and profitable investment strategies.

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We work closely with our clients to understand the unique needs and concerns that they have and create solutions which are designed to help them meet those financial goals.

Our experienced CIPs create tailored solutions utilizing Payton Financial’s extensive experience and wide range of investment products and services.

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and Flexibility

Payton Financial offers a broad array of investment products and access to the world’s leading network of investment managers.

These expansive resources—the best people and products in the industry coupled with our select group of CIPs that are experts in our wide array of investment strategies—are the true benefits of working with us.

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My investment will soon be enough to me to purchase my first home

When my mother died, she left my brothers and me enough money to live comfortably for a few years. I watched as my brothers quickly spent it on stuff they didn’t really need. I searched for intelligent investments and found a couple of websites that referred me to Payton Financial. Even though my brothers blew their portion pretty quickly, mine has grown and will soon be enough to me to purchase my first home. Cash. Thanks again for your help!

J.L. Quejada, Spain2016-06-15

We completed a $200,000 upgrade with only $180,000!

My business regularly upgrades machinery in order to remain competitive with our peers. Five years ago, I contacted Payton Financial and opened a Project Savings account. Rather than paying $10,000 in interest to a bank, we completed a $200,000 upgrade with only $180,000. Thanks to Robert and the team at Payton, my business was able to save $30,000. Thank you guys so much!

Michelle Ramirez-Bailey , Argentina2016-06-19

Thanks you Payton Financial for making my daughter’s future so much better!

Six years ago, I opened a College Savings account for my newborn daughter. I’ve been putting aside $250 a month for six years. I have twelve more to go before she goes to college and I’m excited that we’ll be able to pay for her entire college education without having to dip into financial aid. Thanks you Payton Financial for making my daughter’s future so much better! We're expecting our second child in four months. I’ll be opening my second account with you really soon!

Stephen McCumber , Ireland2016-06-21