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College Savings Accounts

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Your children’s education is the most important responsibility you’ll have as a parent

Payton Financial is your most important ally.

We know that education isn’t getting cheaper.

Recent studies have shown that the cost of public education will rise exponentially over the next 18 years. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that by the year 2030, private and public university costs will more than double what they are today.

You know the value that education adds to your children’s lives. It’s also clear that you’ve already begun to think about costs and want to start saving for your children’s education.

But how much do you need?

How much will you need to set aside on a monthly basis?

Once you know the projected cost of your children’s education, use our calculator to figure out how much you need to save on a monthly basis.

Your children's graduation

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that our compounded return accounts make reaching your goal easier than you expected.

Speak to a Payton Financial Certified Investment Planner today to open your College Savings Account.

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How much can I save with Payton?

Payton's periodic contribution accounts make it easy for you to achieve your financial goals. Our calculator can help you visualize your returns based on your contribution amounts.

Go ahead, try it out and see how much money you can save!

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