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You’re still paying high interest rates?

Payton Financial business customers haven’t financed a purchase in over 20 years.

Our Project Savings accounts

are specifically designed for businesses to make regular periodic contributions to prepare for important business milestones.

With the benefit of compounded returns, businesses can begin to save money today to offset the cost future purchases that would otherwise cause a business to incur debt.

Let’s say that you have a delivery business. You know that every 10 years, you need to upgrade your vehicle fleet to avoid downtime and to remain competitive. Usually, your business finances the cost of purchasing 25 new delivery trucks. This puts your company debt, including interest, which comes close to $700,000.00.

That’s a lot money to pay in interest.

With our compounded return accounts, you can take a small monthly investment and SAVE money on your fleet upgrade.

Imagine putting aside $5000 monthly for 10 years. With Payton’s compounded return Project Savings accounts, you can take that monthly investment and grow it to well over $700,000.00. In essence, you took the cost of financing, and paid it back to your business instead of paying to a bank. Check out the calculator below to see how this works.

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How much can I save with Payton?

Payton's periodic contribution accounts make it easy for you to achieve your financial goals. Our calculator can help you visualize your returns based on your contribution amounts.

Go ahead, try it out and see how much money you can save!

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